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In December 2021, International activists and organizations launched the #Score4Rights2022 campaign to call former Olympians and Olympic candidates to raise their hands making a symbolic salute representing hope for change to show solidarity with the victims of China’s human rights violations. The campaign considered Winter Olympics 2022 held in Beijing as an opportunity to address China’s abuses since the whole world was watching. The campaign successfully initiated a peaceful conversation about China’s take on human rights on social media platforms and various media channels.

Griffin was responsible for producing and managing the campaign on different social media platforms by creating diverse content formats aimed at targeting and reaching different audiences. The content varied between memes, challenges, games, designs, videos, and creative ads.

The campaign successfully got trending on Twitter and it was covered by different trustful media channels. The Guardian, CBC News, de Volkskrant, and VOA Chinese featured the Score4Rights campaign and shed a spotlight on its message. Media coverage helped the campaign reach wider audiences and deliver a significant impact on human rights activists’ communities.

The Score4Rights campaign was such a challenge for the Griffin team because of its tight timeframe and its aim to reach international audiences with different timezones and cultural considerations. However, The campaign gathered different audiences on the same page and managed to deliver its message in a suitable tone for all different cultures and backgrounds.

Through our projects and campaigns, we always aim at making an impact. We believe in the power of art and how significantly it could move people and affect public opinion. Score4Rights was a highlight for the Griffin team because we always seek an outstanding challenge and opportunity to deliver impactful outcomes and results.

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