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Entropy is a scientific program premiered on Fikr and Rawasekh platforms. It is presented by Shangin Alioğlu whose love for physics and science has definitely no limits. He explores the world’s unsolved mysteries and most interesting nature laws through the program episodes.

Shangin is talented at simplifying and relating complicated scientific content to everyday situations and examples. In this way, the audience understands the arrow of time theory by remembering one of Mo Salah’s goals or a scene from the famous movie “Tenet”.

In the first season, Shangin discussed a lot of interesting theories and phenomena like parallel universes, black holes, and the Big Bang theory. In season two, we are getting prepared to discover with Shangin the secrets of the butterfly effect, the simulation world, and time travel.

Griffin has successfully handled all the production phases to produce the program in a professional visual-appealing execution. Science is interesting when it is visualized, science is simple when it is relatable. From this approach, the Griffins started to work on the project. We aimed at making each episode a mysterious problem that needs to be solved. We dreamt to make the audience feel like they are following a binge-watching series, not the normal traditional scientific program.

The program till now has exceeded 8M views so we can easily say that a huge thing is happening in the scientific scene targeting sharing knowledge and awareness among the Arab youth.

We are eager to know your feedback on the program and wonder what your favorite episode is, to more secrets to be revealed and more mysteries to be solved.

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